Katrina Firestone
Chaotic Good
Main Info
Nicknames Katrina Müller-Portland (her real name), Blackbird (by Michael), Wethead (by Kevin), Kat by (Marcus), Miserable bitch (by Michael)
Gender Female
Age 19
Family Unnamed mother (of unknown fate)

Unnamed father (deceased)

Matthias Müller-Portland - Twin brother

Frank - Stepfather (of unknown fate)

Unnamed guardian (of unknown fate, presumably deceased)

Height 5'7" (170cm)
Weight 123 lbs. (55kg)
Race Caucasian
Build Small
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Status Deceased
First Apperance Season 1
Last Apperance Season 4
Katrina Firestone Gallery

"One hour, I was doing work. The next, it's the end of the world. Looks like I'm not gonna get my diploma in Business now, if the dean is an undead zombie."
―Katrina talks about how the apocalypse happened so suddenly (Season 1).
" I'll...give"
―Katrina's final words (Season 4).

Katrina is a major character and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead HGRP Edition. She joins a group of Orlando survivors during the apocalypse.


Katrina originated from New Hampshire, with the surname Müller-Portland. In Season 3, she revealed that she was Austrian-American and didn't have the best upbringing, her father dying from a hiking accident when she was seven and her stepfather, Frank, being horrible to her whilst getting her mother into drink and drugs. However, there was evidence that not everything was bad as she had good grades in school, various friends and was talented. She was sent to an adoption centre at age 10 by Frank, after she confronted him about his behaviour. Everything changed when she was adopted by a rich businessman, who prepared her for a position in his company. He helped change Katrina's life from a somewhat unhappy one to a comfortable one. Once she was adopted by him, she changed her surname to Firestone and was relocated to Florida.

She attended college in Florida, under the advice of her guardian. She was studying Business. She lived with various other college students.

One of the students that she used to live with ended up becoming the victim of a murder, that ended up becoming a cold case. At the time, Katrina was on holiday.

Before the outbreak, Katrina offered to help Greg with his work, and later agreed to go on a date with him.


Season 1Edit

As the outbreak began, Katrina killed the walker of a woman who hysterically informed her and Greg about the start of the apocalypse. The duo escaped the college, Katrina giving her gun to Greg, and made their way to a skyscraper, where they saw more survivors.

When word got out that Orlando was to be firebombed, the group of survivors drove out of the city, heading north on Interstate 75. It was there they encountered a roadblock. Deciding to try and move the car pileup in the morning, the group decided to camp there that night.

After more survivors came upon the same roadblock and merged together, Katrina became a member of the Orlando Group.

Season 2Edit

When a group of walkers nearly killed off the group, including Greg, Katrina worked out that Luke was responsible and decided to create a plan to get rid of him - as revenge. She asked Nikki to join her in her plan, with the latter accepting.

She also told Maurice about how a cure could potentially be found in a scientific facility, so it would be worth checking out one in Jacksonville.

The group, during their journey, came across military jeeps containing supplies, which later turned out to be the site of an ambush. Being forced to give up her guns, Katrina despised "the Rogues" (the people responsible for the ambush) - and was grateful to Nikki when she was able to kill them. She shot the corpse of Marc, the Rogue who tried to flirt with her, several times in the chest, until Maurice informed her about the person who the Rogues were in contact with, Hux. She then gathered several supplies together and looked for a car, so that they could proceed their journey to Jacksonville.

Katrina drove one of the Jeeps, since the Rogues in charge of them were now dead, stopping to get some grape Fanta along the way - and because Maurice had stopped too. Not long afterwards, Luke threatened another group of survivors, Kaiser's Group, until Trix intervened. When she was not talking to Nikki about the plan to kill Luke or sitting in the Jeep, she was stroking Kaiser's dog, Sweetpea, and thinking about how similar Craig, a member of Kaiser's group, looked to Greg.

However, with the appearance of more Rogues and Katrina's impulsive side coming to the surface, Katrina directly confrontated Luke. If it hadn't been for Trix making another intervention, Katrina could have met her end as Luke would have beaten her to death. She was able to shoot at Luke, and then get into her Jeep, dragging Craig in the Jeep so that she could speak to him.

When she finished talking to Craig and introducing him to Nikki, they proceeded to leave for Jacksonville, since Katrina was able to tell Craig about her theory and get him to approve of her intended mission to try and find a cure. However, before they could move, a vehicle containing another group crashed into the Jeep, causing the Jeep to sink into a pond. Katrina saved Nikki from drowning, but once they got back to the surface, Craig was nowhere to be found. After looking up to see who it was that spoke out to the remaining duo, Katrina started to hallucinate - thinking that it was Greg. However, that was not the case - as it was actually Kevin Durant.

Katrina spoke to Kevin about Craig, asking if he had seen Craig's captors - but Kevin replied that he did not, causing Katrina to worry.

Chaos yet again broke out afterwards as Wes, the killer of Sweetpea, opened fire. Katrina obeyed Trix's command by firing in the direction that she was pointing to, but Wes was able to shoot in her the leg, rendering her incapacitated. She desperately tried to cover up her wound, asking Kevin for a towel. When Nikki dragged her into the back of the car, Kevin gave Katrina another towel, causing Katrina to be grateful.

After Kaiser was dismissive of her science theory, she abandoned it and the idea of going to the science facility - presumably due to how fed up she was. During the breakout of yet another fight, Katrina stayed in the car due to her wound. Because she was unable to move, she was kidnapped by Rogues, under the order of Michael.

Michael forced her to become an informant for the Rogues. Having to choose between protecting Nikki and protecting her group, Katrina chose to value Nikki's safety - as Nikki was the only person left that Katrina was close to (besides the missing Craig), so she gave truthful details about Wes' death. However, she lied about the person behind Marc's death by saying that it was her, in order to protect Nikki.

However, Nikki piped up and revealed that it was she who killed Marc, even though Katrina was trying to take the blame for her. This led to Michael killing Nikki, hoping that he would break Katrina - but this only created a darker personality within her, as she had already witnessed so much tragedy. She vowed to avenge Nikki, despite what had happened with her plan to avenge Greg, but with more confidence this time around as she knew exactly who to kill.

Season 3Edit

Katrina continued to be interrogated by Michael, but she remained silent. Adam eventually appeared, causing Katrina to be shocked. It was later revealed that Adam was working with The Rogues, with Adam ordering for Katrina to be watched over, so that she didn't reveal the truth. Katrina still remained silent.

When the fight between the Orlando/Kaiser Group and The Rogues, under Michael's order, began, Katrina was taken away from the scene by Adam.

Viktor follows Adam, demanding that Katrina be returned. Adam retaliated by pointing out how it would be safer to keep Katrina away from the massacre.

Katrina wakes up, having lost some of her memory as she asks Adam how he found her. He remarked that he would explain later. A fight breaks out between Viktor and Adam, while Katrina asks Adam if he's working with The Rogues, having felt stupid for feeling worried about the possibility of him despising her for being forced to rat him out. Adam responds that he hates her for that, but they're in the same boat.

Viktor hides behind a tree, telling Michael through his radio that Adam double crossed him and he was attempting to rescue Katrina. Katrina responds to Adam that she didn't want to tell him anything and was only trying to protect Nikki, but she was killed anyway.

The argument continues, with Katrina then asking where Michael was. Adam tells her that he was off fighting Kaiser.

Katrina reveals that her true loyalties lie with four people, even though at least two of them are confirmed to be deceased. She also laughs at how cliche the whole situation is, causing Adam to sternly warn her that if she revealed anything to the Orlando Group about his status as a double spy, it won't be guaranteed that she won't be considered a traitor as even if it was forced, she still sold out the group. This leads to Katrina responding with her own stern rant - she doubted that those who were left in the Orlando Group even cared for her (due to her PTSD), regardless of what happened, and that the people who truly cared about her were either missing or deceased. She also adds that she made no good contributions to the Orlando Group, having advocated for a failed theory, the group never made it to Jacksonville and she failed to protect those she vowed to protect. She promises that she wouldn't tell the Orlando Group about Adam being a traitor as they wouldn't believe her.

Unbeknownst to The Rogues and Adam, Katrina was still planning on killing Michael, with the complete intention of following through with it.

Katrina asked Adam why he was working with The Rogues. He revealed that it was because they took his brother, causing Katrina to be shocked and wonder whether she pitied him or disliked him. She later contemplated whether she should steal their guns, which she was capable of doing, but decided against it.

Viktor leaves and Katrina asks Adam what they're going to do if they're supposedly in the same boat. But before she can get a response, Michael comes back, angry, and asks why Katrina was outside the camp. Katrina asks Michael why he thinks he's entitled to dominating her, which he responds that he needs information from her, making her valuable, and her staying at the camp gives the Orlando Group a reason to attack. Using Michael's chess metaphor for the situation, Katrina replies that he should be more careful when referring to her as a "playing piece" as playing pieces can still ruin his chances of winning the "game" (meaning the war between the Orlando Group and The Rogues). This leads Michael into asking her if she'd would like to join him in conquering the remains of the United States. Katrina sees this as an opportunity to further her plan to decimate The Rogues, and contemplates.

She eventually tells him that she needs time to think to herself, not giving him a clear answer. He agrees to this, under the condition that he and Adam will watch over her while the rest of The Rogues go to fight the Orlando Group. Katrina intends to get to Kevin.

Her idea of screaming to lure the group initially fails, causing Viktor to remark instead. She was able to get the attention of another survivor, Neptune, and tried to explain to him her situation, before Kevin and Trix found her. She was relieved, but was also worried about Michael potentially finding them.

She tells Trix and Kevin the truth about Adam, and what Michael made her do. Luckily for Katrina, they believe her. The group then starts walking up to camp, with Neptune following them. Katrina listens to what happened to Neptune and Kevin, feeling sympathy for them.

When they return to camp, they find that the rest of the Orlando Group has been captured and a message has been left behind by an unidentified group, presumably the same one that almost drowned Katrina, demanding that Neptune return to Miami, near a corpse. This causes Neptune to depart from the group. Voicing her thoughts, Katrina wishes Neptune well but is also anxious about how Michael, who she desperately wants to kill, could have potentially captured the others.

The group, after leaving Neptune, arrives in Jacksonville by car, when they encounter Matthias' Gang. Katrina thinks that Matthias looks familiar, not yet realising that it is her long-lost twin brother. When he gets out of the group's car, she questions whether it's truly him, hoping to speak with him after the fight.

Once the fight with the walkers is over and Matthias introduces everyone in his group (plus himself), Katrina enquires about his birthday - finding him familiar. He responds that it's December 14th, but then he asks her what her surname is. When she says that it's Müller-Portland, Matthias laughs as he is finally able to recognise her. He gives her an awkward hug.

After Matthias tries to flirt with Trix, Katrina gives him a glare, but Matthias responds by shaking her hair playfully. 

Katrina provides Matthias with an incentive to fight The Rogues, by telling him that she was kidnapped at the hands of the leader and almost forced to betray the group. Matthias agrees to join the Orlando Group in fighting The Rogues, with Katrina's presence being a bonus. He then asks if it is just the three of them.

As Trix reflects on everything that has happened to them, Katrina is pained at remembering what happened to Greg. Matthias bluntly asks her what's up. Katrina tells him that she was in love with one of the deceased members. Matthias rudely responds that he's gonna have a word with her when they've got time, presumably annoyed at Katrina being miserable over a dead person. Katrina later got into the Orlando Group's car and confirmed for Kevin that they were going to follow Matthias.

When they arrived at the hotel, Katrina helped in trying to recruit the hotel group in the fight against The Rogues. Before they fight, however, Trix suggests that they should rest. Katrina agrees and goes inside. Upon entering her room, she cries from the weight of the emotional trauma that she carries. Luckily, Kevin manages to comfort her.

She later wakes up from a nightmare of when she almost drowned with Nikki. This triggers her perceived-to-be strange behaviour, as she asks Matthias, who was in the middle of a make-out session with Trix, for a sniper rifle. Matthias replies that he didn't have any guns left, but he directed Katrina to Louis. Katrina followed Matthias' advice and went to look for Louis, when she was stopped by Taylor, one of the people on night duty. Taylor asked Katrina as to why she was active at night, and what she was doing. Katrina responds that she needed to speak to Louis, regarding a sniper rifle. When Katrina was finally able to speak to Louis, who was grumpy at being woken up, she had to sign a weapons log. Eventually, she was given her sniper rifle.

As she was heading for a nearby shooting range, she was stopped at the entrance by Titus. He asked if Louis had allowed for her to have that rifle, to which Katrina replied that it was Louis that give it to her. She was almost out of the doors when Titus flirted with her. This suddenly triggered her PTSD, due to two of those who flirted with her previously being psychopaths that threatened her life, and caused her to attack him. The attack turned out to be fatal. Titus reanimated as a zombie, but Katrina killed him again. 

Katrina caught the attention of Taylor, who witnessed her murdering Titus and thus held her at gunpoint. Taylor was dismayed at Katrina's apparent betrayal of her trust, but Katrina was confused as to why Taylor would trust her, despite hardly knowing her. Feeling hopeless, Katrina goes on about how shooting her will only put her out of her misery and release her from the burden of trying to avenge her deceased loved ones, as well as how Titus tried to flirt with her when she didn't ask for it and how she was staying faithful to one man, even though he was deceased. This causes a remorseful Taylor to shoot at her, but Charlotte, who had gone outside at some point after talking to Matthias, saw what was going on and rushed to protect Katrina, quickly saving Katrina from death but resulting in her own. This experience traumatises Taylor, who had never killed before.

Katrina, on the other hand, continued to fall deeper into her PTSD, screaming. This attracts the attention of several others. James, another survivor, points his gun at Katrina, angry at her for traumatising Taylor. Eventually, Matthias comes to the commotion, wondering what was going on and asking Katrina what she was doing. The latter replied once more that Titus was trying to make moves on her.

Two of the hotel group restrain Katrina and take away her rifle. Louis, angry from the lack of sleep, orders her out of the hotel. Still influenced by her crazed mental state, Katrina inappropriately smirks and remarks that Louis shouldn't hire "douchebag perverts". She then walks to the shooting range, knowing that she could obtain a gun there.

As she was heading for the shooting range, Greg's hallucination appears again, but speaking to Katrina this time around. He expresses his approval of Titus' murder. Katrina appeared to be shocked at seeing the hallucination again, but then starts to cry. She expresses to Greg her sorrow at how she wanted to get vengeance, protect Craig and stay faithful to him, but obstacles got in the way of her plans. Her apparent failures made her believe that she should have died on the Interstate instead of him. Greg sincerely tells Katrina that she shouldn't think like that - at least she was living and doing fine so far, so she had no reason to give up. Katrina remarks that even in death, he was still a source of hope to her. She tells him that she misses him and wishes that he was still alive, so that she would have remained sane, but then starts to question whether if he and Nikki were at peace and whether she should even pursue vengeance, since it seemed to be nothing but damaging everytime. Katrina then asked Greg what she should do. Greg tells her that she should do what she thinks is right, and whatever decision she made, he would always follow it.

Katrina, listening to Greg's advice, turns around and goes back to the hotel entrance, where she convinces Louis to work with Trix, Kevin and Matthias, whilst announcing that she will not take part in the fight against The Rogues. She then tells Kevin that she wishes him and Trix the best of luck in the fight, she apologises for making them look bad by killing Titus and she also directed him to kill Michael, since he's the most dangerous. Then she tells Matthias that she wants him to be careful, and that if he stays alive, they can catch up on a chat about what they did for the past nine years. After that, she heads into another hotel and reminds herself that she needs to find Craig, whilst abandoning her quest for vengeance as Greg made her think differently about her situation.

However, before Katrina can get to a room, walkers invade the hotel, leaving to fight for her life yet again. She shoots down some walkers and then runs up the stairs, where she finds a window that she can escape from. She climbs out of the window, but ends up realising just how high up she is; if she fell onto the concrete, she would either break her bones or die, but the pool might bring less damage. She ended up falling into the pool, hoping that she would have some miracle, and is knocked unconscious.

It is Kevin who saves her and brings her to the hotel. Matthias instructs Kevin to take her upstairs. The Rogues arrive to the hotel at the same time. Michael knows that Katrina is inside the hotel, but doesn't know that she is unconscious. 

She later recovers and is able to harm Michael, during the fight between the hotel survivors (plus the Orlando Group and Matthias' Gang) and The Rogues, before going in and out of unconscious again. However, she is kidnapped by a mysterious group afterwards.

Season 4Edit

Katrina learns that the kidnappers were a cult who worshipped a dead survivor called Yuri. She was devastated at Kevin's death, as he volunteered to be the sacrifice that the Yurism cult wanted. Later, she found out that Craig was also a member of the Yurism cult, being a high-ranking member. She had mixed emotions in response.

The group of survivors are split into groups of three, except for Katrina's group, where it is just Selena and Katrina herself. Craig was assigned to watch over the group. Katrina used Craig's presence to finally get one request; for him to kill her, as she had lost the will to live for definite. She was able to tell Craig what happened to Nikki, and told him that even if he was a member of the cult, she still trusted him and cared about him, trusting him enough to want him to be her killer. Craig ends up shooting Katrina in the heart, and she thanks him. She also promises to give Nikki her regards, but doesn't finish her sentence.

She died smiling, as she was finally going to be at peace - after all she had been through. However, she turned into a walker, as Craig did not shoot her in the brain. One of the guards eventually finishes her off.


Killed ByEdit

  • Craig (alive)
  • A Yurism guard (zombified)

Katrina emotionally pleas to Craig to kill her, as her PTSD finally takes a toll on her, and Craig fulfills her wish. She is shot in the heart and gives some final words, before succumbing to death. Then, she reanimates as a zombie but is not able to do much as she is trapped in the van. One of the guards of the Yurism cult finishes her off with a knife to the head, finally ending her.

Killed VictimsEdit


Katrina started off as an observant, usually being the first to figure things out, and mainly obedient young woman, with changing emotions. To those she was loyal to and cared about, she was kind-hearted and protective of them. She also enjoyed being around the company of those who remained a positive and optimistic attitude, as it gave her hope.

However, due to the amount of eventual tragedy she witnessed, and her incapability of handling tragedy, she developed PTSD. She ended up displaying various symptoms of PTSD, drastically altering her emotional stability. Thanks to her PTSD and her deteriorating mental health, she also had a tendency to disregard the relationships she had with those who weren't the closest to her, believing that they didn't care about her or thought nothing of her (when that was not the case, such as Trix and Matthias).


Katrina was a woman in her late teens, with shoulder-length black hair. Her eyes were light blue. She was 5'7 and weighed 123lbs.


  • Shooting: Katrina proved herself to be an efficient shooter, such as when she was able to kill a walker instantly - by knowing where to exactly shoot them.
  • Survival Instincts: This was a skill that Katrina already had. When the apocalypse started, she lured the walker away from Greg, so that she could kill it.
  • Stealing: Katrina was taught to steal by her stepfather, Frank.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

  • FN FNP: This was the gun that Katrina kept in her dorm, and later used to kill a walker. She gave it to Greg.
  • AK-47: Katrina used this gun in her gunfight with Luke, in Season 2.
  • Various guns
  • Grenades: In Season 2, Katrina was in possession of grenades. She used one of these grenades in an attempt to kill Luke Willson.
  • Unspecified sniper rifle: Before the murder of Titus in Season 3, Katrina had a sniper rifle that she was going to use to practice.
  • Kitchen Knife: Katrina used a kitchen knife to slit Titus' throat.



"I know what you're trying to say - and I would love to go out to dinner with you."
―Katrina agrees to go out on a date with Greg.

Katrina really liked Greg and was aware of his feelings for her, as she had feelings for him too. She enjoyed his optimism, believing it to be a source of hope for her. Once the apocalypse started, Katrina worried about his safety, asking him regularly if he was okay.

When Greg died, she was distraught (even though he finally told her that he loved her, and she admitted that she loved him back). She figured out that it was Luke who was responsible for the walkers coming specifically to the group and for Greg's gun being stolen - so that he couldn't defend himself. Because of this, she agreed to at least try and avenge Greg's death by getting rid of Luke (but Luke was killed anyway, by Marcus, so she decided to turn her attention to watching over Craig instead). It was his death that triggered her unstable emotions.

In Season 3, she says to Adam that Greg was the love of her life, not knowing just how much she loved him until it was too late. He later appeared to Katrina in hallucinations, thanks to her PTSD, acting as the positive part of her damaged conscience by helping Katrina psychologically.

Katrina was finally reunited with Greg and everyone else she loved, as Craig killed her.


"That's true."
―Katrina responds to Nikki.

Katrina had a neutral opinion of Nikki to begin with, even though she knew about her crush on Greg - after she told Katrina about it. She hopes that Nikki will become a lot happier someday, despite the apocalypse.

Due to Nikki having had a crush on Greg, Katrina let her in on her plan to avenge Greg by getting rid of Luke - meaning that Katrina had grown to trust Nikki.

Katrina eventually saved Nikki from drowning, causing the two to become best friends as Nikki was grateful to Katrina for what she did. When the two were captured by The Rogues, Katrina chose Nikki's safety over the group, as Nikki was the only person left who Katrina was close to (besides Craig).

Nikki's death was the catalyst for Katrina vowing to kill Michael. However, she later gave up her quest for vengeance as she started to think about her situation in a different perspective (until she was able to gain vengeance anyway).


"Maurice, there's a duo that's just arrived."
―Katrina informing Maurice about the survivors that arrived to the group.

Katrina admirec Maurice and obeyed his orders, thinking of him as the responsible leader.

She decided to help Maurice by informing about the theory she came up with, about how the apocalypse may have come into fruition - and told him about her idea of going to a science facility in the hopes of finding a cure (which was later scrapped). 

Katrina did not yet know about Maurice's death, as she was trying to get information out of Craig and recover from her fight with Luke. When she did find out, from Trix, she felt sorrow.


"I know who is behind all of this - the hoarde coming after us and the large shadow that tackled Greg. It's that bastard Luke. We need to get rid of him."
―Katrina to Nikki about Luke being the true antagonist.

Katrina despised Luke as he was indirectly responsible for Greg's death and the near-decimation of the Orlando Group, making him an antagonist. 

They ended up having a fight, in which Katrina was nearly beaten to death - due to Luke's superior build. Katrina, however, was able to escape.

She did not react to this death, but she did talk about how Luke surely couldn't have survived long with his wounds to Craig. Luke eventually died, meaning that the plan that she originally had in mind was scrapped (focusing on the finding-a-cure plan instead, which was also scrapped).


"By the way, everytime you call me sweetie or darling, I get the urge to vomit."
―Katrina expressing her disgust at how Marc kept flirting with her.

Katrina hated Marc, in the brief encounter that they had. He referred to her as sweetie and darling, which she was disgusted by. She was glad when Nikki killed him.


"Your dog is so cute."
―Katrina to Kaiser about his dog Sweetpea.

As an animal person, Katrina found Sweetpea to be adorable. She was horrified at her death.


"Is it me or does that guy over there look a lot like Greg?"
―Katrina to Nikki about Greg.

When Katrina first saw Craig, she became saddened as Craig resembled Greg - reminding her of what she had to witness on the Interstate. Her sorrow later turned to fascination, as she observed how Craig was different to Greg in terms of demeanor.

Later, she vowed to protect Craig and tell him about what they planned on doing in Jacksonville (which was eventually abandoned), after learning about his relation to Greg. When she found that he had gone missing, she became visibly angry.

After abandoning her quest for vengeance, due to how much chaos she started, Katrina refocused on Craig, deciding that her main priority was finding him (even though she was still able to gain vengeance). 

Craig was the one who finally put an end to Katrina's misery.


"He Columbined my eye, but I Sandy Hooked his throat, if that tells you anything."
"So I'm guessing you were into memes before the apocalypse?"
―Katrina talks to Marcus about memes.

It can be assumed that Katrina and Marcus had a positive relationship as Katrina let him in on her plan to kill Luke (which resulted in Marcus killing Luke anyway). Later on, Katrina and Marcus have a brief talk about memes, after Marcus mentioned references to school shooting in regards to killing Luke. 


"That would be nice. Thank you. "
―Katrina accepting Kevin on his offer of a towel, after the near-death experience in the lake.

Katrina, when under her hallucinating trance, mistakenly thought that Kevin was Greg. However, she quickly broke out of the trance and was able to recognise who he truly was. She thanked him when he gave her a towel to dry herself, and then gave her a towel that she could use to cover up her leg wound, and blushed when he complimented her on her looks.

Kevin later saved her from Viktor, which she was thankful for. After that, their relationship became generally positive. She was saddened by his death.


"You should seriously stop taking the Marc approach. I know you're flirting with me to try and piss me off."
―Katrina being aware of Michael's intentions.

Katrina heavily disliked Michael, due to his position as a leader of The Rogues, he was her captor and because he kept calling her "Blackbird". He forced her to become an informant and betray her group, which Katrina had no choice but to do - as she was trying to protect Nikki. She realised that he was a strategic and psychological thinker, and ultimately a sociopath.

After he killed Nikki in front of her, Katrina vowed to get vengeance, until she changed her perceptive on the situation. But, in the end, she was still able to gain vengeance by harming Michael.


"Yeah. It's me alright."
―Katrina confirming that she is Matthias' long-lost twin sister.

When Matthias and Katrina reunited, they seemed to be in positive spirits. However, Katrina stated to Michael that they did not have a positive relationship as kids, as Matthias was jealous of her academic achievement and popularity (even though he later claims that he loved her and hated that he was jealous of her) and Matthias has fared well without her.

Katrina promised Matthias that if he survived the fight with The Rogues, they would have a chat to catch up on the years that they missed together. However, this chat never got to take place as Katrina lost the will to live and eventually died.


  • Katrina had a fear of heights.
  • If the apocalypse had not occurred, Katrina would have had a high position in a major corporation after graduation.
  • She liked grape Fanta.
  • She was from New Hampshire.
  • Her real name was Katrina Müller-Portland.
  • Her birthday was December 14th.
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